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It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to chat with Tim. He took the time to answer all of my questions. He kindly provided me great constructive and actionable advice over my career path and portfolio. I would love to talk to him again in the future and review the results of the topics we discussed. 🤩 Rated 5 stars because there is no higher option.

Sheida J.

Timothée gave me a fantastic overview on the structure and relationship between designers and developers. He was very engaging and knowledgable on the topic. He encouraged me to book more sessions to go into further depth, which I will definitely be doing!

Steven D.

Timothée gave a clear view of my situation and pointed me out to the next steps. The conversation was really easy to follow and I could address all of my questions in detail. He showed a strong command over the product development process of start-ups and how to approach engineering work at the early stages. I already booked a follow-up call and am looking forward to learning more from him!

Marcelo T